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"West Marin Light"

Wish You All A Beautiful Thanksgiving

"Finished Wild Horses"

"Horses, horses, horses"

Wild Horses Update

Nevada's Wild Mustangs

"Cupcake On Lace"

"Around The Corner"

"Upper Burney Falls"

"Upper Burney Falls" - Work In Progress

"Life Happens"

Roma Ranch

"Taking A Dip"

Miniature Schnauzer "Ben"

"Miller's Pond"

"My Son"

"Fresh Veggies"

"Rita's Yard"


Tomales Completed Piece

Tomales Church Update

Tomales Church - Work In Progress

Horton Garden V. 3


Fresh Laundry

"Overcast" Tomales California

Still Busy - But Painting!

Another WIP

Busy, Busy, Busy..........

Arabian Horses & Woody Madsen

Summer Warmth Update


"Summer Warmth"

Painting When You Have The Flu...

"Sunrise Atlantis" - Reno, Nevada

Church of St. Raphael - San Rafael, CA

San Francisco Victorian

Jefferson Memorial

Day Break Beach

Misty Morning


Life's a Roller Coaster