Tomales Church - Work In Progress

12 x 16 oil on Raymar canvas panel

I want to capture the light in this painting. I am also paying attention to the various colors I see and putting them down even if they don't make sense to me - I fight with "what I know" - (or think I know) vs. what I see. I can't count the times I have heard "Paint what you see, not what you know." Being a logical person, that should be a piece of cake to put into amazes me how difficult it actually is. Must be a
left/right brain thing :O)


r garriott said…
Teresa, My first look at this I thought it was complete! Looks really great; glad to see you back. Hope your mom is recuperating.
Cathyann said…
I agree with R. At first glance I thought it was done. It is looking fabulous so far. Hope things are better now.
Teresa said…
Thank you R! It is getting there ;)
My Mom is doing better but it will take months...I appreciate your thoughtfulness :)
Teresa said…
Hi Cathyann - I was posting as you were :) Thanks so much! I guess it would have made an interesting vignette if I had decided to do a wash of sorts on the bottom half.Now you have me thinking LOL
Hi Teresa,thanks for stopping by my blog!Your brush work is gorgeous,your sense of light is excellent.

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