"Sunrise Atlantis" - Reno, Nevada

Most of my close friends know that I live in an area that offers absolutely no conveniences, such as shopping malls. The closest mall is in Reno which is a 236 mile drive (one way) Soooooo.....it's at least an overnight trip and we stay at the Peppermill in Reno which offers spectacular views from the tower rooms. Ok, I admit I love the room service and if I have to travel that far to shop, a little pampering doesn't hurt ;)

I love waking up to the Reno sunrises - sun spills into the valley and the tall buildings appear to be growing amidst the trees and the Sierra foothills cast beautiful blue shadows.

Lately I have experienced a difference in the time it takes me to mix my colors, and I am able to focus more on the values, which has been a wonderful realization! The Atlantis hotel seemed to stand alone from the view I had on this particular morning, and the sun created magic - I attempted to capture a wee bit of that in this painting.

8 x 10 on Raymar canvas panel


Cathy said…
You captured it beautifully! Hey you deserve to be pampered..

{{Big Hugs}}

Dev and Tone said…
Hey! good job on the background, it looks awesome! Ok, I am loving all of the creative-ness flowing from this blog. if you ever decide to have a paint "workshop" or class, my name will be first on the list. Love it! (p.s. thank you for the e-mail!)
Edward Burton said…
Really nice painting, Teresa! Beautiful job capturing the atmosphere. My wife and I have stayed at the Peppermill a few times and we always get a kick out of the "wildlife" near the pool area.
Gwen Bell said…
Really like the colors and composition of this piece.
gianlucio said…
Hello Teresa, I entered the blog of Gwen and from there I could visit you, the paintings are beautiful compliments!
I sign so I can follow more closely the new work, if you should follow my art painting.

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