Church of St. Raphael - San Rafael, CA

I went to school at St Raphael's from 1st through 6th grade and the memories of playing here came flooding back as I painted, it was a joy working on this. My sister took a photo near dusk and that's what I used as my reference for this painting. I love the warm colors in the sky playing against the coolness of the building.

8 x 6 oil on linen panel


Cathy said…
That is beautiful. I am so glad it brought back fun memories for you.

{{Big Hugs}}

Edward Burton said…
BEAUTIFUL painting, Teresa. I love that time of day with all it's wonderful colors.
Gwen Bell said…
Really beautiful painting. The light is perfect. Love the touch of orange in the bell tower.
Teresa said…
Thank you everyone :)!
James Parker said…
This is a stunning piece. I love the colors..and the composition

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