"My Son"

6 x 8 oil on linen

This is the first still life I've painted in my new studio space and I have to say it much easier for me to concentrate - My Son gave this sculpt to me for Mothers Day last year and it really touched my heart, he is so thoughtful :)

I made a serious effort to remain loose with this. The cloth & the folds didn't come out quite like I wanted but I felt that it was incidental since the sculpt and how it makes me feel was the focus.


Diana Marshall said…
What a sweet sculpture and painting of it, something to treasure for ever.
Diane said…
It's really quite lovely.

Beautiful job Teresa, Diane
Teresa said…
Thank you Diana & Diane :O)
Gwen Bell said…
How sweet...both the painting and your son for giving you such a thoughtful gift!
Sheila said…
Oh my goodness! Your son is talented and sweet just like his mom. I bet he loved that you chose to paint his sculpture.
Chuck Dilmore said…
wow - i think this is just exquisite!
i love the unspoken detail.


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