"Overcast" Tomales California

I have spent a lot of time on this piece - I have been more aware of my color and value choices. Through the entire process I was reminded of things I have either read or have been told.

I was extremely fortunate last year in that I was able to attend a workshop in California with
Marc Hanson. Marc is an extraordinary artist (seeing him paint was a privilege I will not forget) and he is a wonderful teacher – One of the many things he told us during the workshop was that we were being given a great deal of information it would take time to process all of it. He said that some of this information would process months, even years down the road and come back to us - he was right.

I am not saying, "I get all of it now", but many things he said during the workshop came flooding back - one thing he told me in particular was "Paint as if you mean it." - I have a tendency to be timid, I do not want to "ruin" my "masterpiece" - So with this painting I was keenly aware that it was a piece of masonite, and some paint - not a priceless work that would be hanging in the Louvre.

One thing that has become very evident is that it takes a great deal of control to hold back - and by "hold back" I mean remain in control of your initial vision and keep from diving headlong into details.


Sheila said…
Oh my... I think this is wonderful! If only I could paint like this. I love that spot of light on the road which helps break up that pavement gray. I love it!
Edward Burton said…
Beautiful job, Teresa! Wonderful composition.
Cathyann said…
Wonderful! Brava! You are lucky to have worked with him and obvious that your own gentility surfaces here. Your composition and color create a quiet mood, with a breezy feeling from the tree at left.
Teresa said…
Thank you all for the nice comments! They are very appreciated :)
José said…
Hi Teresa,

I really like this kind of subject and you did a great job.
I've been wanting to try something similar, but then I start wondering how the heck am I going to transmit the feeling that the road is going up or down...:-)

Best regards,

I really like the "flow" of this painting. You really get the feel of the hills and the winding road

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