"Summer Warmth"

This is a work in progress but I wanted to post since it's been a while - Between fits of coughing I've managed to get this far and hope to finish by tomorrow.
I'm looking forward to turning my clocks forward next Sunday, and am really looking forward to feeling the warmth of the summer sun once again!

This is a 9 x 12 on Raymar canvas panel


Edward Burton said…
It's coming along beautifully, Teresa.
Teresa said…
Thank you Edward :)
Very nice Theresa, I feel like I have been there...it has a very California feel!
Amanda Carder said…
I love this painting, and the new look of your blog. So much so, that I decided to Tag you! Hope you don’t mind.
Sheila said…
I stopped by because Gwen Bell tagged you. I'm glad I did! You're work is wonderful!
Cathy said…
THAT is so pretty! I'm glad you are feeling better..

{{Big Hugs}} and miss ya' bunches,

Cathyann said…
Looking very good. I love your seascape!!!

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