Arabian Horses & Woody Madsen

Some of you know that my dear Father in Law passed away recently - What you may not know is that he was instrumental in establishing the Arabian breed in the Northwest. I wanted to share this article written by Mary Jane Parkinson, which came out in the March Issue of
Arabian Horse World Magazine. There will also be another article coming out in Modern Arabian Horse - I do not know what issue yet.

Woody Madsen was truly a rare breed, I feel so honored to have had the opportunity to know him.

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Edward Burton said…
Hi Treesa, so sorry to hear about your loss - sounds like he was a very interesting man who made a big impact in the equine world.
monka said…
I am so sorry to hear about Woody. I spent most of my childhood showing horses with woody and family with many wonderful memories. I have thought much about these times lately and was just recently going through picture that my mom took of Gazi. would love to hear from the family.
Jeri (DeRosa) Richards
Teresa said…
Thank you Edward :) You are very kind.
Teresa said…
Hello Jeri-

I don't see an email address where we can contact you, but Mark wanted me to send you a big hello, he remembers you very well. If you'd like to email us you can contact us at
Cathy said…
Aww thank you so much for sharing that Teresa! I bet he was a great story teller and had many to tell.

{{Big Hugs}}

Cathyann said…
It is always good to read about someone doing what he/she loves best. It seems he did. Sorry for your loss but thanks for sharing that piece about him with us.
James Parker said…
Thanks for sharing the story, Teresa...your father-in-law seemed to have been such an interesting would have been good to know him. This is my first time to your blog and your work is delightful. I went back to older blogs and was really captivated by the church at San Rafael. I hopped on your blogwagon to check your future postings. And I thank and welcome you to mine...every blogalong(follower) is very dear to me.
Gwen Bell said…
Thank you so much for sharing Woody's story. It really touched my heart. I'm so sorry for your loss.
Teresa said…
Thank you all so much for the kind words :)

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