Still Busy - But Painting!

I have only had a few hours to paint every day which is sheer torment - but I'm slowly making progress on this piece. I don't like starting & stopping, maybe I should just pull an "all nighter" & finish it ;)


Sheila said…
Wow.... do what you need to do but I'm luvin' how this is lookin' so far!
Teresa, I can totally's so hard when there are so many commitments and all you want to do is paint!

I really like your painting. The colors are very calming. I like the road too, makes me wonder where the path might lead. :)
Teresa said…
Thank you Sheila!

Thanks Michelle :) I am really close to finishing. Yesterday I madse a lot of progress.
Megha Chhatbar said…
Superb landscape. What else I can say other than WOOWWWWWW.....:) BTW I have started a new blog dedicated to my sketch work — Art on Sketchbook
Teresa! I love your paintings! Pop over to my blog to get your Lemonade Award!!

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