Roma Ranch

This one completly got away from me - This old ranch building is a favorite of mine - Next time I paint it - it will be Plein Air :) Once I am finished with the design jobs & home improvement projects I have going on right now I am taking a few months off to focus on painting.

I thought I'd post a pic of my new studio space - I went "coastal" which was a great choice - it is very relaxing in this room and I can focus with no interruptions :)

And last but not least ( Busy is an understatement) - I've turned my desert yard into a "green" getaway - 3 months ago this was entirely sand & rock with the exception of the trees. We poured over 10 yards of concrete, built the columns & fencing and laid
down 650 sq ft of sod, there's still more to do - isn't there always? :) But it is SO nice to have morning coffee on the patio with the sweet scent of grass!! ...and no more sand! :)


Gwen Bell said…
What a fantastic space! I'd never want to leave!

Dropped by to comment on your new painting but the image isn't here...???Hope your just working on it and nothing is wrong with the way my blogs working. :(
Teresa said…
I've been working on it & accidentally hit "save" - Oops!

Thanks for stopping by Gwen!!!
Gary Keimig said…
It should provide you with a lot of inspiration and comfort in painting.
Becky Drees said…
Lovely studio (I used the same color for the walls of mine) and I love "Roma Ranch". Just great.
expressgirl09 said…
Beautiful Painting!

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