Fresh Laundry

Fresh Laundry
5 x 7
Oil on linen panel

I took a few of my favorite photo references and with the use of Photoshop created this composition - I really miss the ocean, the scent of the salt air mingling with freshly laundered sheets hanging in the breeze is intoxicating to me.


Cathy said…
I think this is just so refreshing and beautiful!

{{Big Hugs}}

r garriott said…
Very lovely-- so glad to see your new work posted here!
Teresa said…
Thank you both very much!:O)
Very nice, Teresa, you told a story with so little information. I can almost smell the ocean!
Diana Marshall said…
what a simple sweet painting, you got so much feeling into so little space. I know what you mean about missing the ocean as I used to live by the sea.
Teresa said…
Thank you Dana & Diana for the lovely compliments :)
Gwen Bell said…
I meant to comment on this the day you posted and got side tracked. I just love it! That small red towel and the triangle of red roof are perfect. It feels like I could just walk on out to the beach. Beautiful and serene!
Teresa said…
Thank you Gwen! :O)

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