"Pasco Canyon Ranch"

This ranch belongs to my brother in law, it's many miles from even the smallest town. The house has all of the conveniences you could ask for, electricity is powered by a large generator, heat comes from a central wood stove. Bedrooms, bathrooms and a full kitchen my kind of "camping"!

"Pasco Canyon Ranch"
8 x 10 oil on linen canvas


Amanda Carder said…
Oh My!!! It's wonderful, I feel like I need to walk right up that hill to the cabin and sit down for dinner. It has such a warm cozy feel to it yet vast!!!
Teresa said…
Tonight we're having grilled Filets, brandy shiitake mushrooms, with a dijon mustard demi-glace, Yukon Gold potatoes & steamed asparagus, we'd love to have you join us :O) I'm Sooooo hungry now LOL

Seriously, thank you Amanda - you are an inspiration!
Ron Guthrie said…
Hi Teresa,
You did such a great job on this one. What a cool place to use as inspiration. Well done Teresa.
Teresa said…
Hi Ron,

Thanks so much! :O)

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