Where the Bufalo Roam

I've been painting every day - But I've also scraped off at least a half dozen paintings which I call "Bombs".

I didn't want to return to the "Buffalo" piece I'd been working on until I got my "mojo" back - as of yesterday I felt that I could go back to the painting with confidence. Finally.

Here's a little update.


Ron Guthrie said…
Hi Teresa,
This is awesome! Very cool subject and the scenery is very cool...love those distant mountains in this one. When I was growing up there was a small ranch at the base of the mountains and they had buffalo there. My dad would slow down as we passed them. Now the closest place to see them is on Catalina Island. When I painted there last Spring they were walking around as we painted. Very majestic animals.
Killer work on this so far.

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