Where The Buffalo Roam - WIP

It has been way too long since I last posted! I thought I'd post a photo of my work in progress and let you know I am still here :O) This is an 18 x 36 - it's been slow going due to "life events".... things should slow down soon so I can devote more hours each day to this piece and finish it.

When I am feeling frustrated or tired I stop, if I dont, I make stupid decisions - I figure, better to stop and walk away than to wake up in the morning and say OMG WHY did I do that!?!! :O)

The color is a bit off in this photo - it isnt as "cool" overall, I took the photo in the evening in bad light ... I'll try to get a new updated pic posted soon :)


Amanda Carder said…
Look at you!! You have been painting!!! Yay!! It’s looking great makes me want to go back. I have missed you. Hope we both slow down enough to chat soon!! Can’t wait to see the finished painting!
Teresa said…
Hi Amanda! I have been thinking of you a lot lately! So good to hear from you :O) I already told Anne to sign me up for Jackson Hole next year!
SKIZO said…
thank you for sharing

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