Painting & Indulging Myself

I recently indulged myself and purchased 6 tubes of Vasari oil paint, let me tell you it was money well spent! I was impressed with how carefully it all was packed, and even more impressed with the gorgeous pigment. 

The dry climate here in Nevada causes my paint to dry out very quickly, and as a result, I end up having to re-mix my colors daily, cringing every time I scrape off a mound and toss it - I don't like to waste anything.

What I have noticed with the Vasari oil paint is that it does not dry out like the other brands. So as I see it, even though they are very pricey, they are worth every I'm spoiled.

In July I am attending a 4-day workshop given by Bill Davidson in gorgeous Jackson Hole, Wyoming. My husband & a friend of his are also going to Jackson, they will be fly fishing the rivers & streams, if they happen to be fishing an area where we are painting we’ll use them as models, which would be very cool.

I’m also thrilled about visiting the Legacy Gallery – I haven’t had the opportunity to visit many galleries, so the thought of seeing work by the painters that Legacy represents with my own eyes is going to be life changing…well, that’s how I feel.... Did I mention I was excited? LOL

This painting is pretty much a fictitious place, I used a reference photo but I made some big changes along the way. It's a place in the high desert, the stream is dry in the summer.

"High Country Snow"
8 x 10 oil


Amanda Carder said…
I know what you mean about the Vasari, I love it’s viscosity, it’s so creamy and lush.

One trick I have found that helps me save paint is “Glad Press and Seal”. It really helps, not sure if it will have the same effect there but it would be worth a try.

Wish I were going to be at Bills workshop again this year, would love to get to meet you in person!! YOU are in for quite a treat! Between Bill and the surroundings you can’t ask for much more!!

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