"Round Up" - Progress

There's just a few small things I need to adjust on this painting. I'm bothered by the repetitive brushstrokes within the sagebrush, I think it is competing with the horse & rider, then there's a lack of depth in the distant background, and I need to work on the shape of the riders hands. Nice critique hugh? LOL

It seems the longer I look at this the more I pick it apart, anyone else do that with thier work?

9 x 12
oil on linen panel


Edward Burton said…
Wonderful painting, Teresa. Yep, I tend to do that too.
Cathyann said…
Beautiful...boy, do I do that too!!!!
Ron Guthrie said…
Hi Teresa,
I do that all of the time...the sooner the work is gone the better, hahaha. Great job of this one...the sage looks pretty cool to me. I love that horse!!
Outstanding work Teresa.

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